Elizabeth Radziszewski


 Ice dancing is my big passion. I skate at ProSkate in New Jersey and am currently working on pre-silver dances (Fourteenstep, Foxtrot, and European Waltz) and juvenile moves in the field. Here is a clip of Ten Fox that I'm doing for the USFSA testing session.



 I am also a fan of Gary Irving's power skating training and Ice Dance Weekends in Princeton, NJ. Below is a clip of my favorite free dance: Meryl Davis's & Charlie White's soul-touching skate to the selections from Notre Dame de Paris.



Music, especially playing the piano, is a big part of my life. My favorite classical composer is Chopin whose romanticism and the use of trills in nocturnes is one of a kind. Check out this site dedicated to this poet of music http://www.ourchopin.com/. I also enjoy the sounds of some modern composers, especially Yiruma. Below is my modest and preliminary interpretation of his famous piece, River Flows in You.


Check out superb technical mastery and intensity of great pianists and my skating friends Shan-shan Sun and Per Tengstrand in this Tchaikovsky piece. Shen Shen and Per play in Europe, China, and the U.S. Per is also a regular at the Scandinavia House in New York City. 




 For those interested in powerful lyrics, heavy and passionate rock, look up my brother's band, Seven Urges.



I enjoy traveling and hiking/mountain climbing. For a great climbing adventure, winter ascent of Mt. Washington is an amazing experience with Synnott Mountain Guides. Traveling in Poland? Stop by Gliwice, my hometown, and a place where "...life passes slowly, where life is good, and smiles are an every day guest."